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Do you know the Lowell animal ordinances?  Click Here to see our animal ordinances

As a pet owner within the Lowell City Limits, it's important to know and follow the law, for the health and safety of both your pet and your fellow citizens. Familiarize yourself with the laws so that everyone is safe and happy.

All dogs and cats must wear an identification collar or tag that states the owner's name, address and phone number on it.

All dogs and cats over the age of 4 months and other pets that are subject to rabies must have annual rabies vaccinations given by an accredited veterinarian. The metal tag showing the evidence of their vaccinations must be attached to their collars or harnesses.

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Business Hours: Sunday-Thursday 8AM-4PM
Volunteer Hours: Monday-Thursday 10AM-4PM
Walkthroughs: Monday-Thursday 12PM-3PM
Closed Friday & Saturday
Animals are also viewable on our Facebook page (Lowell Animal Shelter-Arkansas) or Petfinder. Fill out an application on the furry friend(s) you’re interested in, get approved, and get an appointment to visit with them. Further discussion about adoption will happen during the appointment.
Adoption Fees: Waived
-Rabies (1yr.)
-Canine/Feline shots

If you need assistance, please call 479.202.6363 opt. 4 or our Police Dept. (479.659.8888).


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Contact Us Lowell Animal Shelter LAS Home  |  Ordinances  |  Animals



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