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A & P Commission

The Advertising and Promotion Commission was established in 2018. The purpose of the Commission is to manage the advertising and promotions fund supported by the tax levy on accommodations, which is a 2% tax on the gross proceeds from rental accommodations (commonly known as a “hotel tax”), and all prepared food and beverages tax (2%). The fund is used to encourage tourism to Lowell.

The Advertising and Promotions (A & P) Commission meets on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 6:00pm. These meeting will take place in the Lowell City Council Chambers unless otherwise notified.

Lowell Ordinance No. 1005
Ord 1005 - Establishing 2percent tax.pdf

Lowell A & P Reporting Form
Lowell A & P Reporting Form.pdf

Apply for Funding
The Lowell A & P Commission provides funding to select groups and organizations for the purpose of stimulating economic development through local events. If your organization is planning to host an event in Lowell that will encourage visitors to eat, sleep or shop in Lowell, you may be eligible for funding.

A & P Convention-Event Fund Guidelines and Application.pdf

Bill Adams
Chuck Desai
Linda Vannoy
Rodney Lowe
Todd Fenix
Kerri Roller
Frank Jameson

Agendas and Minutes

AGENDA jan2019.pdf

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