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Administration & Finance


Administration Duties and Responsibilities:

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The Finance Department, as the mere name itself depicts, oversees the city's finances. In an area where, without question, utmost accountability is crucial for maintaining the financial integrity of the city, Lowell residents can be assured that their city gets very high marks. Dedicated and detailed work, has placed the City of Lowell's financial recordkeeping among the top cities in the State of Arkansas. The city has earned outstanding audits from the State Auditors since the finance director's position was created in 2001.


Duties & responsibilities are:

To assist the Mayor annually in projecting the next budget year revenues by analyzing current and previous year revenues, and to compile expenditure requests as submitted by each of the city's department heads. The Mayor's budget is presented to the City Council for their changes, and finally their adoption. The budget is a changing document as the needs of the city unfold during the year. Any and all changes are approved by the City Council.

After budget approval, the finance department ensures that the budget is adhered to and that all expenditures are justified.

The Finance Department is also the Human Resources Department, handling the payroll and all taxes and benefits.

All of the invoices for business licenses, fire voluntary taxes, fire association dues and miscellaneous items are issued and collected by the finance department.

The Finance Department is also responsible for all STEP System billing.


Melanie Houston
Mayor's Assistant

Director of Finance
Darcy Richard
479-770-2185 ext. 237

Amber White
Finance Administrator
(479) 770-2185, ext. 227.



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