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Public Works

The Lowell Parks Department is responsible for maintaining all of the city parks. Parks employees report to Jimmy Hendrix of the Lowell Street Department.
Contact information for park and pavilion reservations:

479-770-2185 ext 230

To make a reservation, please fill out this form and return it either via email  or you may bring to City Hall.

Facilities are available from 6am-10pm

Please schedule the Ball Fields with the Rogers Activity Center: (479) 631-0336, ext 2507 (Coleta Paris)
Parks Reservation Calendar
Scheduling Lowell Senior Center & Ward Nail Park Stage:
Senior Center- $75.00 per hour
Ward Nail Park Stage- $50.00 per hour

Refundable deposit: $100.00

Scheduling Parks & Recreation:

McClure & Lowell Pavilions: $20 per hour
Ward Nail Concession Area: $15 per hour
Ward Nail Picnic Shelters: $10 per hour
Ward Nail Gazebo: $15 per hour
Deposit: $75.00


Reservations must be scheduled at City Hall, 216 N. Lincoln St., (479)770-2185. All reservations will need to be made by the Wednesday prior to the scheduled reservation. Payment for all facility reservations must be paid in full at the time of the reservation, unless otherwise specified. If payment is not received, your reservation may be cancelled. The City only accepts EXACT cash or a check for payment. If paying by check you will need to provide two checks. One for the usage fee and the other for the refundable deposit.

All Deposits will be returned provided Ball Fields and Pavilions are left in the same condition before usage, including turning out lights before leaving the park. If you do not have a reservation with the Parks Department, you may be asked to leave the facility. Again, so as to be resourceful, please remember to turn lights off when you leave.

Lowell Street Department
The Lowell Street Department's responsibilities not only include maintenance and repair of streets, sidewalks and drainage structures, but reconstruction of deteriorated and dilapidated ones as well as new construction of these infrastructure projects. The Street Department also provides mowing services, street cleaning, and replacement of street signs within the city limits.

The department's mission is to provide the Lowell taxpayer the best possible infrastructure components as the CIP (Capitol Improvement Program) is implemented and projects are prioritized.

City of Lowell Street Specifications
Click Here to see the 2020 Master Street Plan
Bore Permit
Curb Cut Permit

S.T.E.P. Septic Tank Effluent Pumped

This department oversees the installation and maintenance of the sewer systems currently in three subdivisions in Lowell: Tuscan Heights , Weatherton , and Meadowlands.

These are called Decentralized Waste Water Treatment Systems. There is a septic tank at each residence with a pump that sends the water only, to a waste water treatment plant. The water (effluent) is then treated and dispersed into the ground thru a drip irrigation system.

The goal of this department is to collect, treat and dispose of waste from these systems in an environmentally friendly and cost effective method while staying in compliance with all local, state and federal laws, and regulations.

Storm water

Storm water is water that originates during precipitation events. Such as rain, snow, hail, ect.. Storm water that does not soak into the ground becomes surface run off. This water either flows directly into surface waterways (creeks, lakes) or is channeled into storm drains, and ditches which eventually carries the water into water ways that discharge into rivers and lakes where we get our drinking water. This water is entering our streams and lakes untreated; therefore we need to take measures to prevent this water from getting contaminated.

It is the goal of this department to maintain the cities storm water permit in compliance with all local, state and federal laws, and to keep our waters of the state safe and clean for generations to come.

Common contaminates include but are not limited to:
Fertilizers, pesticides, fluids from leaky cars and equipment, sediments from construction and exposed dirt, litter and debris, pet waste

There are things, we can do as individuals, to help keep our water clean and safe for generations to come,
here are a few:

Properly dispose of house hold chemicals
Keep garbage cans covered
Keep grass and yard waste out of gutters
Recycle and compost when you can
Use proper BMP's on construction sites
Repair leaking automobiles and equipment

The City of Lowell is obligated under law to try and keep our water resources uncontaminated, there are rules and regulations that we all must adhere to:
C.W.A. Clean Water Act
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) | US EPA 
A.D.E.Q. Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality
Benton County 479-271-1083
Boston Mountain Solid Waste District  479-846-3005
U of A
Beaver Water District 
FEMA Mapping Center

Click HERE to download the Lowell Drainage Manual

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