Risk Reduction Division

The City of Lowell Risk Reduction Division strives to make Lowell, Arkansas a safer place to live by protecting the health, safety and welfare of our citizens. We actively participate in and support local, state and national professional organizations to keep abreast of and enforce the International Family of Codes while maintaining a good working relationship with our contractors. Our professional obligation to establish trust, and maintain integrity, honesty, fairness and competence will not be taken lightly.


Adopted Codes

2021 International Commercial Code

2021 International Residential Code

2021 International Fire Code

2021 International Building Code

2017 ICC / ANSI A117.1

2014 Arkansas Energy Code

2018 Arkansas Fuel and Gas Code

2018 Arkansas Plumbing Code

2009 International Property Maintenance Code

2021 Arkansas Mechanical Code

2012 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code

2013 NFPA Life Safety Codes

2020 National Electrical Code

Business License Application.pdf

Business License Renewal Form.pdf

(Send to cjoyner@lowellarkansas.gov )

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Home Occupation Form

Building Permit fees are determined by Gross Area x Square Foot Construction Cost x Permit Fee Multiplier. Building Permit fees include Sewer Expansion fees, Fire/EMS Impact fees, and Plan Review fees where applicable. Commercial projects: the above fees plus a State Educational fee, and Fire Department Lock Box fee may be applicable.

Fee schedules for all permits other than Building can be viewed on the appropriate application.

Permit applications can be emailed to risk.reduction@lowellarkansas.gov

Download any of the following:

Grading Permit

Building Permit Application

Demolition Permit Application

Electric Permit Application

Mechanical Permit Application

Plumbing Permit Application

Swimming Pool Permit Application

Step System Permit Application

Sign Permit Application

Moving Permit Application

Roof Permit Application

Certificate of Occupancy Application

Tent Permit Application

Asbestos Abatement NOI Submittal

Bore Permit

Curb Cut Permit



Instructions for scheduling an inspection for the City of Lowell (Allow for a 24-hr turnaround for most inspections)

1. Click on the provided link to open a scheduling portal.
2. Enter the search criteria: All options are listed in the "Search by" drop-down menu box and both entries should match, i.e., Parcel Address-Project Address
3. Select "Search" to pull up the desired permit for your project.
4. Choose the applicable permit (Building, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing). The permit choice will depend on the inspection being scheduled.
5. Select "Request inspection" or "View". The "View" option will provide important information about the permit (including the Contractor Access Code - provided next to the business name).
6. Enter all information into the appropriate boxes. The contractor access code will be the license number of the permit holder, no dashes (MP-1111 WILL BE MP1111).
7. Each type of inspection will be entered individually.  For example, a rough-inspection involves all trades.  Each contractor (or the GC) MUST schedule an inspection under EACH permit.
    Building - Rough in framing; Mechanical - Rough in mechanical.....
8. If you have any further questions please contact the permit tech,
    Phone: 479.770.2185 or

Now, Let's get scheduled!

Business License Application.pdf

Business License Renewal Form.pdf

emergency contact info


Chief of Risk Reduction
Jamie Baggett

Permit Tech
Charlotte Joyner

Building Inspector
Seth Kallick



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