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The Office of City Clerk is an elected position with duties prescribed in the Arkansas State Constitution through various legislative acts of the General Assembly.

City clerks of cities of the first class, having the mayor-council form of government, are elected for four-year terms.

A few of the duties prescribed by state law are as follows:

A.C.A. section 14-43-506 stipulates that the city clerk "shall have custody of all the laws and ordinances of the city and shall keep a regular and correct journal of the proceedings of the city council."

A.C.A. section 14-43-406 requires the city clerk to maintain the official seal of the city to be affixed to all transcripts, orders, or certificates for the purpose of authenticating city documents.

A.C.A. section 14-54-302 provides that the city clerk shall execute documents for the purchase, lease and sale of property, in conjunction with the mayor when authorized by a resolution by a majority vote of the citry council.

Bids for sale or purchase by any city department are coordinated through the city clerk's office, as are all legal publications for the city.
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