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The Mayor and City Council have determined that it is no longer necessary to issue or charge residents a permit fee to hold garage sales within the city limits of Lowell. Effective June 25, 2020, Ordinance No. 1051 repealing the permit requirement for garage and yard sales was approved by the City Council. However, the rules and regulations governing the conduct and frequency of these sales, remain the same. Section 8-256 of the Lowell Code of Ordinances is amended to read as follows:
Garage sales, yard sales and rummage sales, which are all included under the term “garage sales” are permitted in any zoning district subject to the following conditions:
A) Frequency. No more than three (3) garage sales at the same location are permitted per calendar year.
B) Term. No garage sale shall last more than three (3) days.
C) Signs. Two on-site and three off-site temporary signs are allowed to be posted, however posting may not occur more than two days before the sale begins. Each sign shall not exceed four and one-half square feet in area. The off-site signs shall include the address and dates of sale. All signs shall be removed by 8:00am on the day following the sale.
E) Collection Fee. Any such signs not so removed the following day may be removed by city staff and for any such sign, a collection fee of up to $25 shall be imposed.

Waste Management
Trash & Lawn Bags

Bags are no longer sold at Lowell City Hall. You can purchase these bags through Waste Management one of two ways. You can pick up bags at their Springdale location:
1041 Arbor Acres Ave
Springdale, AR.
Or, you can contact WM by phone: 479-361-1111 or by email:
Please note that you will be required to pay for the bags when you call. They will deliver bags to your home on the next scheduled trash pickup day.

J.B. Hunt Senior Citizens Center
704 E. Monroe, Lowell – 479-365-2755

Razorback Regional Greenway – Lowell Section
to report problems please call 479-841-3046


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